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Nonsurgical treatment for gum disease and advanced periodontal care

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Periodontal Services

Maintain Healthy Gums for Life

Untreated gum disease can cause tooth loss and a host of other oral health problems. If you are at risk for periodontal disease or are noticing symptoms such as bleeding gums or loose teeth, you must get in touch with Dr. Edward Piorkowski immediately. Our doctor performs a number of periodontal care procedures that can prevent an infection in the mouth and keep your gums in great shape. We also perform bone grafting procedures in-house to rebuild the bone after jaw bone loss.

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Dr. Edward J. Piorkowski, Jr. D.D.S | Dentist in Easton, PA

If you are at risk for gum disease or want to learn more about periodontal services, schedule a consultation with one of our doctors today.

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